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NUMBERS is Book 1 of the series, "I Am Mathematics." It is designed to help students become math geniuses, using both the left and right side of the brain! This book teaches children the numerals 0-10 in FIVE LANUGAGES, as well as helps them to develop number sense and recognize numbers in the world around them. A great book to use as a main text or supplemental text. Adults will learn something from this incredible resource too! Click the image or this link to purchase your copies!

Jashua is a regular contributor to one of the leading culture and fashion magazines in NY, Taji Magazine. He writes about spiritual technology, and how to apply it to community solutions for common challenges. You can order individual copies, get a subscription, as well as read articles online by clicking the image.

Jashua appears in this incredible documentary alongside some of our most brilliant scholars of today. They discuss various aspects and applications of African spirituality. Available for puchase by clicking the image.