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Save (y)ourself

-Jashua Sa-Ra

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The Hall of Afrakan Scholars

TransAtlantic Productions (TAP) has provided documentation of the greatest Afrakan scholars for the past 30 years, from VHS up to live streaming now. Their YouTube channel hosts that vast library of brilliance, and recently Jashua was added into that great body of work. He was interviewed by the founder, Baba Clemson Brown, about how to use Maathematics and Spiritual Teknowledge to bring about innovative and effective solutions. A week later, Jashua was also on TAP as a panelist discussing what are the issues that cause separation in black relationships, and viable solutions that will heal them. The invitation was a great honor, and the exchanges were very interesting and are receiving engaging feedback. Both videos can be viewed on the WORKS page.

What He Said

"What He Said" is a bi-weekly interactive podcast by Jashua and Prof. Khepera El. The discussions are based on using spiritual technology to find solutions to our challenges. You can join in the conversation on IG live every other Sunday at 5 pm EST!


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Jashua has released 3 books in the "I Am Maathematics" series: SHAPES, NUMBERS, and ADDITION. All of the books use vibrant images and engaging activities to stimulate the genius in readers. The series is to help young scholars develop number sense, and have a solid foundation in math concepts. Every community should have these books available for their young learners! Available in print and ebook on the Market page.


Jashua has published 2 books of poetry, "Black Whole," and "If I Could Sing I Would Sing A Song for the Black Woman." Yes, it's a long title, but if you can find a shorter way to express that then I'll send you a free copy! Click the links below to order your print copy or get the ebook to start the  journey right now!

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Photo by Daniel Fortune.
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