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Author. Host. Poet. Percussionist. Healer. Educator. Event Producer.

No hand is fast enough, smart enough, or strong enough to wash itself.

-Earthiopian Proverb


Jashua is helping students fall in love with math by teaching Maathematics, a wholistic approach based on experiencing math. There are 3 books released in the I Am Maathematics series. Jashua also offers private lessons for groups and individuals. Click the image of the books to purchase them, or the link below to schedule your Maathematics sessions!


Jashua Sa-Ra is a Communication Artist by trade, a holistic healer by design, and a father by love. He is the the author of 2 books of poetry and 3 math books. He is currently the Program Director of TRUE Brotherhood Rites of Passage.

The background image is by Anthony Burks, Sr., and is in the permanent collection of the Norton Museum in WPB, FL.

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Artwork by Anthony Burks, Sr.

© 2022 by Jashua Sa-Ra.

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