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Jashua has released Book 0: SHAPES, in the "I Am Maathematics" series. This book teaches children basic shapes and complex shapes, with interesting information, games, activities, and beautiful visuals to help all learning styles absorb the lessons. This series is to help young scholars develop number sense, and have a solid foundation in math concepts. Every community should have these books available for their young learners! Available in print and ebook.
Jashua has released his first hip hop project entitled "Ota Benga's Revenge." It's a soundtrack for Pan Afrakan liberation move meant. It's for the hip hop lovers who don't love how the industry has weaponized it against the community who created it, and the world at large.
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Jashua has published 2 books of poetry, "Black Whole," and "If I Could Sing I Would Sing A Song for the Black Woman." Click the links below to order your print copy or get the ebook to start reading right now!

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Photo by Daniel Fortune.

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