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Ma'at got all the game!

Ma’at is a Kemetic word that has a broadly specific meaning. By that I mean it takes several English words to convey the idea, but it is so specific that it’s literally the definition of definition! We often see the words order, balance, justice, truth, and harmony used to describe Ma’at. A more technical way to explain it is that Ma’at is the foundational parameters upon which reality stands. It’s the rules of manifest reality. A modern way of looking at it is that Ma’at is the Operating System (IOS, Windows, Unix, etc.) upon which all life programs are based. Without it, nothing can exist, let alone work.

A basic analogy for that is to think about playing cards. A single deck of cards can be used to play several different games. Even though the cards themselves don’t change, by setting different parameters, the cards can be applied in an infinite variation of ways. In that way, Ma’at would be like the deck, always having 4 suits, numbered 1-13, for a total of 52 cards. When we come up with a group of parameters, we call it a game and give it a name. Every game has to be based on the fact that all decks have those same attributes.

If someone is playing spades, there are certain rules that must be followed. Everyone is dealt the same amount of cards (balance); the cards are dealt and turns are played, to the left, one at a time (order); everyone has to assess their own hand and speak their power (truth); no talking across the board (fairness). If you break rules there are penalties (justice). Certain offenses are cause for the game to be forfeited, because it makes it impossible for the mechanisms of the game to work properly; thus the game literally cannot be played, by definition (for example if there is a misdeal). Those penalties are not judgments, but ways to balance out the effect of the damage done by the offense, and maintain the integrity of the game. So Ma’at’s justice doesn’t come from being judgmental; it’s an affirmation of cause and effect always ensuring output matches the input. You can’t bribe, con, or intimidate 2+2 out of equaling 4.

Let’s take it a step further to drive the point home. If we’re playing spades, can someone use dominos for their hand? Can you use a video game controller? No! If it’s outside of the parameters, then you’re not even in the game. If it’s outside of Ma’at, then it doesn’t even exist. The complimentary reflection of that is, if it does exist, then it’s within the realm of Ma’at, and no man can judge the value of its existence.

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