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The 6th Sense is NOT Mysterious

The five senses are clearly defined and taught, but we have a sixth sense that hasn't been well-understood in modern awareness. It has to do with our ability to perceive and interact with vibration and ethereal things. An increasing amount of people have been exploring the intangible aspects of our reality. This has been done through religion, science, metaphysics, plant medicine, drugs, meditation, rituals, rites, and a long list of other technologies. When it comes down to it, our bodies are the best laboratories and observation equipment that we can get!

Math is not what you’ve been told. In fact, it’s probably quite the opposite of what you’ve been thinking all along. When properly understood, math is what we call the 6th sense. It is our innate ability to perceive relationships and patterns and apply them. Our eyes perceive light, dark, and colors, even before we have words for or understanding of any of that. Over time, we learn to use our sight to discern many different forms in the world. We learn words to describe to each other what we see. But the ability to see precedes our ability to define and communicate about it. Our sixth sense can similarly be refined so that we can perceive the patterns of vibrations around and in us, and have intelligent conversation about those experiences.

Because math allows us to perceive patterns, that gives us the ability to anticipate, or predict. For example, when we listen to music, we can feel the rhythm and know how to clap in syncopation with upcoming beats, even if it's the first time hearing the song. We KNOW the rhythm after we've listened for a while, and so we can then predict every time the pattern comes back around, and respond to it with clapping and dancing.

That same capacity to feel rhythm in music is why we can feel someone's energy when they are around us. We call it feeling the vibe, rightly identifying that we're interpreting vibrations coming off of another person, place, or thing. Vibration is differentiated by frequency, and that means we have a highly refined ability to receive and translate the mathematics of other people's emotions. Take pheromones for example. When someone is feeling aroused their body releases a chemical. Whether the person receiving the chemical knows what the feel, smell, or taste of it is, when the chemistry starts to happen, their body will also respond in kind. Do you remember in chemistry class that it was all math? Cells do math all the time! They combine and subtract, they multiply and divide.

When we learn to trust and develop our 6th sense in all aspects, we will live the full path that we came here to live. The same way we trust the feeling of when it's time to go to the bathroom, we should trust intuition.

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